Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Haus Maus

Life is divided before and after. Before the lottery, and after the lottery.

Before the lottery, there was no way in hell we were every going to be able to finish this house, unless we did one tiny project at a time, badly and on a shoestring budget. (To recap, bought in 2010, 1880 Queen Anne Victorian gutted to the studs, redoing it on a budget and with a contractor who turned out to be a Class A sleazeball who since had his license revoked. It's a miracle we're not all dead.)

After he lottery, we are on the verge of finishing the house. Floors, actual finished floors, upstairs and down. Door and window trim on all the doors and windows. Tile backsplash in the kitchen, a parking area poured behind the house, a finished garage where no feral cats or angry possums live because they can't get in because there are no holes in the walls. And baseboards. We have baseboards, the true hallmark of an adult. Chuck has his deck, from which he can survey his kingdom (a kingdom that includes the rear entrance to a pawn shop, the dumpsters of the restaurant behind the house and our crazy neighbor doing crazy neighbor things, like knocking down fences at 4am.) But still, its his kingdom.

Daniel and Roberto, his guy, have been working steadily for months and all that's left is some paint downstairs for the living room and dining room. An icy grey, same as in the hall, that makes the baseboards pop. We got so used to having Daniel here I'm not sure what we'll do without him. Find more things for him to do, maybe.

The garden that grew pretty well this summer is now dying, and I want different, stronger and taller boxes for the spring. I need to spend a weekend tearing things out and reconditioning the soil and think about what to grow in the spring. I don't think I'll do a winter garden because it's already so cold  here. I just don't know what would grow.

I'm trying to make a major decision at work as it regards my future. The owner and publisher are making it difficult to leave, but in a mostly good way. I have to figure out if what they're offering makes sense for me and my family or not. If not, my last day is Dec. 30 and I will become a part-time haus maus, puttering and cooking and rearranging and gardening, and I'll write only what I want to write.

I'll post pictures of all that's been done in a few days.