Thursday, September 3, 2015

New York State of Mind

When you grow up in Chicago, you don't go to New York. It's a competitive thing, the second city mentality. New York might be bigger and all, but we have plenty of stuff to do and see and our pizza is better and so are our hot dogs. There's no need to go to New York.

So it is that I've never been to New York.

But in a few short weeks, we are heading east for the Boston wedding of our friends Scott and Jedidiah. Before we head to Boston, we're going to New York for four days and I get to finally meet Blackbird, one of my all-time favorite bloggers who has become an online friend and who I think will become a real friend. (Assuming we're not both batshit -- she's worried because she's met batshit online before.) There will be lunch or dinner and browsing and maybe The High Line and ... too many things to list. I'm so looking forward to it though.

I'll also get to see Aaron Jaffe, my college friend who is a city editor at the Wall Street Journal; he lives in Greenwich Village and will take us on a tour. And maybe I'll get to see Matt Murray, the second in command at the WSJ and my former colleague from years ago at a Gannett paper in Virginia. And maybe Tom Carpenter, another college friend who's now the general counsel of Actors Equity. And Smadar, my old backgammon pal. And and and ...

Will four days be enough? Is it a million degrees now? Where shall we eat?


  1. Four days is not enough, but we'll take what we can get!
    I CANNOT wait - and it's looking more and more like you are not batshit. Whew.

  2. Oh, and, for readers who want to find me, I'm at, MARY.


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