Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Theme

That time of the year. Time to pick a new theme for the following year. Past themes have included "The Year of Hellacious Efficiency," "The Year of Grooming," and "The Year of Extreme Self Care."

It never, ever works out well.

This year's theme, in keeping with our garage being broken into for the third time in 2014, shall be "The Year of Fucking Happiness and Video Surveillance." And apparently, of buying new tools since they took every power tool we had, as well as half of the video surveillance system Chuck was in the middle of installing.

I have to hand it to these guys. They chose a window not visible from the house or the street, with a very tight entry that abuts a brick wall separating our property from the funeral home parking lot next door. Then they pried off the sheet rock Chuck had screwed down over that window, broke the glass, knocked over the shelving unit in front of that window and went to town. Tile saw, table saw, jig saw, tool box, etc. Gone baby gone.