Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday dinner gone awry ...

Side of the house ... by Mary Duan
Side of the house ..., a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

It started with the tomatoes. A little basil, some thyme, a pair of chickens flattened under a brick and Chuck's homemade fries. It ended with my esophagus seizing up about three bites into it. It happens a few times a year, and usually when I'm under great stress--I'll be eating and the esophagus will just stop working. Sometimes I can clear it on my own (you DON'T want to know how) and sometimes I need a trip to the ER following by a surgical procedure in the morning. No ER, but it's going to be a long night.

The Tomato Six


Still on the vine

Deviled chicken under a brick

The Grilled deviled chicken waiting on a platter


A Look Around

Some corners of my house. I came home from work Friday, assembled the crew and said, "if I came home and you were all dead I would be embarrassed to call the police because its so messy. So tomorrow we clean." And so we did. A few hours and it's better ... Click on the pics to go to Flickr for actual captions. I'm still trying to figure out the new blogger interface ...
Front hallway by Mary Duan
Front hallway, a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Opposite view by Mary Duan
Opposite view, a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Dining Room by Mary Duan
Dining Room, a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Corner of the dining room. by Mary Duan
Corner of the dining room., a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Dining room by Mary Duan
Dining room, a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Peace and No Boys Allowed by Mary Duan
Peace and No Boys Allowed, a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blackboard jungle

DSCN1318 by Mary Duan
DSCN1318, a photo by Mary Duan on Flickr.

Painted one dining room wall in chalkboard paint... yeah, yeah, I'm a good three years behind trend. But the boys kind of love it and so do we. (My mother-in-law's comment: A chalkboard in a dining room is just not normal.) To the left in the picture is the door that leads into the side foyer; on the other side of the chalkboard wall is the studio apartment, about 700 square feet, with gas fireplace and separate laundry. Flooring is newly installed, frige is new and bathroom is tiled, with a bathtub along one wall, then a separate shower. We hope to find a friendly, gardening-happy and dog-loving tenant by Thanksgiving.

We're happy to provide one of the raised beds we're building so the renter can have his or her own plots. We're thinking about bees and chickens are an almost certainty.
Looking forward to a three-day weekend of movies and reading and sprucing. My managing editor, sensing that I'm a stress monkey right now, suggested I not show up on Friday either, but I think I have too much to do. I'm taking a week off at the end of October and plans are in the works for a night or two in San Francisco. I plan to spend a day in a beach chair on Moss Landing Beach (outside Phil's Fish Market) reading and staring at the ocean.

Mostly, though, I need Blackbird to come to California and help me revamp my wardrobe.