Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh Joyous Three-Day Weekend

Friday Night: Baseball on TV, cocktails, make-your-own-damn quesadillas, DVRd Too Big To Fail, hanging out with kids, eldest's sweet girlfriend and the world's worst dogs. This, on top of lunch with several member's of my Idiot Girls Action-Adventure Club (plus one token husband) made for a pretty happy day. New book I can't read because my new friend Murph says I have to read the first two books in the series first.

Saturday: AM yard work. Tomato and eggplant planting. Weeding. Farmers market. Arranging the front porch. (It's an excellent front porch.) Hang the giant wall of Ms. Rearrange closet, figure out what I don't need and donate. Listen to music. Clean the bathroom.

Sunday: Dinner party. Grilled deviled chicken under bricks; cucumber/yogurt sauce; homemade pita; roasted veg; whatever else people bring. Nate's ElMachino margaritas. Dessert by Carmela.

Monday .... Sleep late, laundry, books and movies. Maybe beach is it's warm enough.

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