Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Miracle of the Freecycle

Got this off of Freecycle:

So after we get it restuffed, what kind of fabric? Crushed velvet? Blue and white ticking?

Advice, please.

ETA: Blogger seems to give people problems commenting. So here's what some of the Facebook gang has to say:

Matt Hanner I like the red velvet idea but you'd have to have the little hanging gold dingleberries to pull it off.
On a serious note it's got a fantastic shape. I love the lines of the arms and the back.
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Matt Hanner I bet a high quality zebra stripe would look good on it.
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Patti Rosenberg I was going to suggest a leopard skin pattern, but zebra would be nice, too. Either way, in crushed velvet. Make sure it doesn't have bedbugs, though.
9 hours ago · Like

Joseph Divar Purple zebra or cheetah stripe.
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Smadar Lieberman Meer Your big items should always be neutral. Accessories are where you bring in pops of color, like rug, side chairs, etc. Save the zebra/cheetah/leopard/giraffe for something smaller and less expensive cuz you will get sick of it
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Michelle McGurk I can't see the ticking with those lines, needs to be a fabric with a little shine or softness.
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Smadar Lieberman Meer i vote for a tone on tone cut velvet, with a modern pattern (not your grandmother's cut velvet)
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Godzi Linda I'm kinda voting for the the OliverHair, could be velvet...
about an hour ago · Like

Pam Valentine sort of depends on what the rest of the room is like. You can bring home sample swatches and see how they look in your room. Would suggest doing that before deciding. However, the sofa is beautiful! Dont get someting that is dryclean only if possible. Velvet is very difficult to clean.
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  1. Crushed velvet in RED. Wait...royal blue. Steel blue-gray.
    Forget it. I'm no help. Sorry.
    How about something in an OliverHair beige?

  2. Mohair velvet! This is the classic Victorian upholstery fabric. It costs the earth, but it literally lasts over a hundred years. My sister has a chair covered in royal blue mohair that's been in our family forever, and the upholstery still looks fantastic. One solid color, your choice. The play of light on the pile makes for a varied effect, without getting too busy. That's a great sofa!

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