Sunday, May 23, 2010

Losing It

I had a weird little week, almost all of it unrelated to the house until today.

Tuesday: Blew a tire on 101 while driving to work. End up being towed back to Salinas. No, I don't have a spare tire. It's a Mini-there's no place to put a spare.

Wednesday: Mostly normal until 5 p.m., when I got an invite from Gov. Schwarzenegger's office to attend the launch of the Green Products Institute the next morning at the Googleplex.

Thursday: Drive to Google. Trying to find parking when the driver of the Jeep in front of me stops, throws it into reverse and slams in to my car while trying to snag a parking spot of his own. It really was a slam, because his bumper rode up on my hood. (That sounds sort of dirty, doesn't it?)

Thursday, 15 minutes later: Go into initiative launch. YouTube founder Chad Hurley is adorably nervous introducing the Governator. What's Rosario Dawson doing on stage, besides looking chic? Google is like heaven, with dogs everywhere, bicycles everywhere, sand volleyball courts and free food. Green products, yay, green certification, yay, and then Arnold drops the bombshell that Toyota is going into business with Tesla to make Electric Vehicles in California. For the next 10 hours, I do nothing but that story.

Friday: Take the Mini to the shop to get the estimate from the guy's insurance company. As an aside, GEICO? I've never met a more on top of it company. They set me up with a rental. I head out, stop at Safeway to grab lunch and go back to the office. Somewhere between the grocery store and the office, my purse disappears, with my new driver's license, two credit cards and my new camera in it. Geico calls, $3 k in damage and they mostly have to replace the front end.

Saturday: Make a critical error in judgement in agreeing to see Magruber. Not only the worst movie I've ever seen, but possibly the worst movie ever made.

Sunday: Husband goes to the house and finds out that one of the contractor's guys has forgotten to lock the door, someone has broken in and thrown around a bunch of construction materials. I go to the Salinas PD to file a report and am told my the cadet at the desk that I can't file a report because I don't have ID. I tell him I don't have ID because my purse was stolen. He suggests that maybe I should call my husband. I suggest instead that I call the watch commander. Which I do. Extra patrols at night until we move in and the promise that the cadet will never do something that stupid again are forthcoming.


The watch commander sent over a patrol car. We were over there weeding and planting some berry bushes. The officer asked when we bought the house and whether we were going to have offices there. It's the second time this week that someone asked if we were planning on having offices there (because the previous owner was going to turn it into an office building) and it was the second time someone seemed perplexed that we were planning on living there.

I think there's a supposition that if you're a white professional living in Salinas, you're going to choose to live somewhere not Old Town. (Not true.) There's a supposition that if you're white, you probably think Old Town is dangerous (not true). If you think Old Town is dangerous, I believe you've never lived anywhere dangerous.

Salinas is a funny place. It's deeply screwed up, but it knows it's deeply screwed up. That's a mindset I can get behind.

Berkeley? Deeply screwed up and never really wanted to admit it.


  1. And I find all of this out how? On your blog? Fine.

  2. You can't stay mad at me forever. I'm you BFF.

  3. WOW. What a week.

    This blog entry is testament to the saying, "When it rains, it pours". I'm amazed you are able to maintain a sense of humor through it all.

    I guess that's just what we have to in order to stay sane!

    Hope things start looking up.

  4. Busy, busy bee.
    Now go write a biotech story.

  5. Oh my Buddha! If this were a tv show we'd be screaming NO WAY WOULD THAT HAPPEN! But since I am me and you are you, I know it happens.
    So sorry.

  6. "It's deeply screwed up, but it knows it's deeply screwed up." Substitute, "I'm" for "It's," add a part about the voices in my head saying dark, twisty things, and you've written my new personal motto.

  7. You always handle it so well, Mary. I'm very excited about your house and I understand completely why you'd rather be in a house in Salina's living room than in one of its bedrooms. Life happens in downtowns. That's where you belong, where there is life. (actually this is Fred)


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